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Javascript Scrolling News Tickers ready to Go - W3C strict Standards compliant Code
Zip Delivery &
3 js & 3 html files for Vertical Scrolling Text Ticker,
Horizontal Scrolling Text Ticker, Typewriter Ticker
running real Demos with cut&paste portions and
simple instructions on how/where to use the code.
& Implementation
Open HTML files - real demos, cut&paste, then set:
your CSS, Pattern, Size: Width and Height in pixels,
Speed,Pause,Background,Other available options,
Messages: 0 to n, Body tag onload and .js file call.

Scrolling Scripts:

    Vertical Scroll Text & Sliding Scripts v2.2 & v3.5
Scrolling Scripts:
  Horizontal Scroll Text & Sliding Scripts v2.2 & v3.5
  Typewriting, Highlighting & Blinking Ticker Scripts